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Want to eat no need to bother anymore.

Order your food with M-FOOD to make it easier and more satisfied. We are ready to deliver your food to the place you are without having to queue up and wait for a long time.

The whole culinary is close to you.

M-food brings all the food you need quickly. You can also find culinary around you.

Delicious, Fast and Comfortable.

No need to fear disturbed when eating food, fast to your destination, and comfortable to enjoy your order anywhere you want.

No need to use cash also.

No need to worry if you don't have cash, you can with M-PAY, now your payment is more practical and easy. Top up the M-PAY balance easily and instantly through ATM, mobile banking and internet banking.
Motorcycle transportation
Enjoy a fast and safe trip with M-Ride for you who is not complicated
Transportation by car
Enjoy a fun trip, unaffected by the weather and safe
Purchase of Food & Beverages
Enjoy ordering food from your favorite restaurant with M-Food
Delivery of your package
Enjoy your package delivery quickly and safely with M-Send
Easy & Convenient payment
Enjoy a fast, secure and fast Non-Cash payment system with M-Pay