TELEGRAM is the best way of Communication for Drivers
We use the telegram platform as a way of communication between drivers, customer and management.

"Guys, Let's talk about your trip..."

Something 'BIG' is coming
to your city...

Ready to Operate :

Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi

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SOS Emergency Call
If your safety is interrupted we provide an SOS feature that is directly connected with the police officer and the MOVE Data Center.


Make it easy with the M-PAY Payment System
M-PAY feature besides being able to be used for payment and shopping processes, can also be used for fund transfer services between M-PAY user.

"Goodbye Banking System!"

Regards to the JABODETABEK Community and all friends in Indonesian …

MOVE is a Ride hailing services use online-enabled platforms to connect between passengers and local drivers using their personal non-commercial vehicles. Its also to provide easy access for customer in ordering motorbikes, taxis, shipping goods, ordering food, shopping and more. With the Android and iOS applications, you can order services online directly from your smartphone very easily.
MOVE , All you need, your way!

- How To Use Application -

Move apps are increasingly easy to use and fast for every order.


To All Drivers (registered), Lets Join Telegram! as Our Way of Communication.

We Care
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